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Monday, February, 27th 2012


Pre‐Registration (BIBA, Hochschulring 20, 28359 Bremen)


Doctoral Workshop (agenda)


Pre-Registration (BIBA, Hochschulring 20, 28359 Bremen)

Tuesday, February, 28th 2012




Opening and Welcome


Keynote Speech (BIBA, Auditorium)

What is the future of manufacturing utilizing technology?
Gisele Bennett (Georgia Tech Research Institute, USA)




LDIC Session 1A: Autonomous Control I


·         Berndt, Jan Ole; Herzog, Otthein: Distributed Reinforcement Learning for Optimizing Resource Allocation in Autonomous Logistics Processes

·         Aggarwal, Rebecca; Lim, Ming K.: Improving Returnable Transport Equipment Network Management with an Autonomous Approach

LDIC Session 1B: Considerations for a Future Internet of Things I


·         Nam, Taewoo: An Effective Approach to Obtain Distributed Information in EPC Network

·         Windelband, Lars; Spöttl, Georg: Man-Machine-Interaction in the field of logistics – Example „Internet of Things“  


ImViReLL Session 1: Fundamentals and Historic Background of Lab-based Research in Logistics


·         Welcome to ImViReLL

·         Uckelmann, Dieter: The role of logistics labs in research and higher education




LDIC Session 2A: Autonomous Control II


·         Dashkovskiy, Sergey; Görges, Michael; Naujok, Lars: Stability analysis scheme for autonomously controlled production networks with transportations

·         Aragão, Dmontier; Frazzon, Enzo Morosini: An Agent-based Model for the Control of Global Logistic Processes

·         Harjes, Florian; Scholz-Reiter, Bernd: Learning Behaviour and Performance of Artificial Neural Networks in Production Control


LDIC Session 2B: Information and Communication Technology


·         Issa, Safir; Lang, Walter: Characterization of thermal flow sensors for air flow measurements in transport containers

·         Kim, Dong Hyun; Kim, Jong Deok: Design and Implementation of Location-based Handoff Scheme for multimedia data

·         Yafeng, Zhou; Han-You, Jeong: Reconfiguring Multi-Rate Wi-Fi Mesh Networks with Flow Disruption Constraints


ImViReLL Session 2: Educational Implications of Virtual, Remote and Real Labs


·         Kennepohl, Dietmar Karl; Baran, Jit; Currie, Ron: Integrating Remote Laboratories in Post-secondary Science Education

·         Kareinen, Juha Ensio; Pötry, Jyri: Enterprise Portal Technology in Computer-supported Collaborative learning

·         Leao, Celina P.; Soares, Filomena; Rodrigues, Helena; Seabra, Eurico; Machado, José; Farinha, Pedro; Costa, Sandra: Web-Assisted Laboratory for Control Education: Remote and Virtual Environments




LDIC Session 3A: Modeling and Simulation


·         Donner, Reik V.; Hanke, Jörg: Conflicting optimization goals in manufacturing networks: A statistical analysis based on an idealized discrete-event model 

·         Woo, Youn Ju; Lee, Byung Kwon; Ma, Yaowen; Kim, Kap Hwan: A Validation of Mathematical Models for Yard Crane Systems by a Simulation Study


LDIC Session 3B: Considerations for a Future Internet of Things II


·         Lee, Joo-Hoo; Kwon, Oh-Heum; Song, Ha-Joo: Sensor Reader Emulator for Integrating Sensor Networks into EPCglobal Network

·         Kim, Gihong; Hong, Bonghee; Kwon, Joonho: A Design of Distributed Discovery Service of EPCglobal



ImViReLL Lab Session 3: Virtual Logistics Lab


·         Nawroth, Andreas; Franz, Carl; Fritz, Tobias; Kreis, André; Meyer, Maurice; Müller, Maik; Schröder, Christoph; Syed-Ahmed, Afshad; Zhuchenko, Igor: Virtual Logistics Lab: A Framework for Rapid Prototyping and Remote Experimentation

·         Virtual Logistics Lab 2.0: Poster Session at the LogDynamics Lab


Get together



Wednesday, February 29th 2012


LDIC Session 4A: Mathematical Modeling in Transport and Production Logistics I


·         Postan, Mykhaylo; Morozova, Iryna; Dashkovskiy, Sergey: Dynamic Optimization Model for Planning of Integrated Logistical System Functioning

·         Mates, Willian Chaves; Frazzon, Enzo Morosini; Mayerle, Sérgio Fernando; Moser, Stefano Rabello: A Graph Model for the Integrated Programming of Transport Operations in Global Supply Chains

·         Knollmann, Mathias; Windt, Katja: Exploitation of Due Date Reliability Potentials – Mathematical Investigation of the Lead Time Syndrome


LDIC Session 4B: Global Supply Chains


·         Georgise, Fasika B.; Thoben, Klaus-Dieter; Seifert, Marcus: A Methodology for Adapting SCOR Model to Challenges of Manufacturing Industries in Developing Countries

·         Cagliano, Anna Corinna; De Marco, Alberto; Rafele, Carlo: The impact of near sourcing on global dynamic supply chains. A case study

·         Frazzon, Enzo Morosini; Pintarelli Jr., Joarez; Makuschewitz, Thomas; Scholz-Reiter, Bernd: Simulation-based Analysis of Integrated Production and Transport Logistics


ImViReLL Lab Session 4: Lab-based Process Improvements in Logistics


·         Pauvre, Nicolas; Madelaine, Jacques; Le Moulec, Jerome; Laurence, Adrien: Augmented Traceability with Internet of Things: A demonstrator for Seafood Supply Chains

·         Scholz-Reiter, Bernd; Mansfeld, Jeanette: From Tag ID to eVIN - Structured Data Exchange Based on RFID

·         Mättig, Benedikt; Fiedler, Martin; Hille, Alexander; Anderseck, Björn: How AutoID-processes shape the Internet of Things: The openID-center development process




LDIC Session 5A: Mathematical Modeling in Transport and Production Logistics II


·         Lasunon, Patareeya; Akararungruangkul, Raknoi: A Multi-level Programming Model and Solution Algorithm for the Location of Distribution Centers with Uncertainty Demands

·         Safaei, Mehdi; Issa, Safir; Seifert, Marcus; Thoben, Klaus-Dieter; Lang, Walter:         A Method to Estimate the Accumulation Delivery Time Uncertainty in Supply Networks

·         Karimi, Hamid Reza: An LMI approach to exponential stock level estimation for large-scale logistics networks


Joint LDIC & ImViReLL Session I:
RFID in Logistics Applications


·         Pang, Lam Yu; Huang, George Q.; Zhong, R.Y.: Service Oriented Platform for RFID-Enabled Real-time Fleet Advanced Planning and Scheduling in Industrial Parks

·         Rüdiger, David; Roidl, Moritz; ten Hompel, Michael: Towards Agile and Flexible Air Cargo Processes With Localization Based on RFID and Complex Event Processing

·         Verdouw, C.N.; Sundmaeker, H.; Meyer, F.; Wolfert, J.; Verhoosel, J.: Smart Agri-Food Logistics: Requirements for the Future Internet




LDIC Session 6A: Risk and Failure Management I


·         Lewandowski, Marco; Siebenand, Oliver; Oelker, Stephan; Scholz-Reiter, Bernd: Maintenance Work Order Based on Event-Driven Information of Condition-Monitoring Systems

·         Santos Júnior, Jose Benedito Silva; Loureiro, Sérgio Adriano; Lima Júnior, Orlando Fontes: A Procedure for Selection of Supply Network Risk Mitigation Strategy in Relational Arrangements

·         Furmans, Kai; Gue, Kevin; Seibold, Zäzilia: Optimization of Failure Behavior of a Decentralized High-density 2D-Storage-System

LDIC Session 6B: Transport Logistics and Dynamic Routing I


·         Wu, Jiani; Haasis, Hans-Dietrich: Knowledge Sharing in Intermodal Transport: A Multi-agent Based Perspective

·         Kopfer, Heiko W.; Kopfer, Herbert: Emissions Minimization Vehicle Routing Problem in Dependence of Different Vehicle Classes


ImViReLL Session 6: Infrastructure and Design of Virtual, Remote and Real Labs


·         Henke, Karsten; Ostendorff, Steffen; Wuttke, Heinz-Dietrich: A Flexible and Scalable Infrastructure for Remote Laboratories

·         Vicini, Sauro; Sanna, Alberto; Bellini, Sara: A Living Lab for IoT Vending Machines

·         Panel discussion: General Architecture Components for Virtual Research Environments and Discipline Specific (e.g. Logistics) Developments  - Complement or Contradiction








LDIC Session 7A: Improvements of Auto-ID Technology


·         Lee, Jiwan; Ryu, Wooseok; Kwon, Joonho; Hong, Bonghee: Design and Implementation of A Virtual Reader for Generating Multiple Tag Data

·         Choi, Jongseok; Kim, Howon: Dynamic Tag Identity-Based Encryption Scheme for Logistics System

LDIC Session 7B: Transport Logistics and Dynamic Routing II


·         Giannikas, Vaggelis; McFarlane, Duncan: Product Intelligence in Intermodal Transportation: The Dynamic Routing Problem

·         Klumpp, Matthias; Kandel, Christof; Wirsing, Erik: Cargo telematics for operational transport excellence and strategic knowledge management


ImViReLL Session 7: Lab-supported Product Developments


·         Brandwein, Dennis; Uckelmann, Dieter; Beenken, Björn: Using RFID in License Plates and Vignettes for Electronic Vehicle Identification

·         Lewandowski, Marco; Schmidt, Kolja; Kielhorn, Christoph; Uckelmann, Dieter: The Internet of Drinks - Lab-Based Research for the Taste of It



Excursion ( Übersee Museum )


Conference Dinner

Thursday, March 1st 2012


Keynote Speech (BIBA, Auditorium)

Fault Detection in Dynamic Vehicle Routing Operations
Antônio G.N. Novaes (Federal University of Santa Catarina, Brazil)




LDIC Session 8A: Performance Analysis and Optimization


·         Heinecke, Georg; Köber, Jonathan; Kunz, Andreas; Lamparter, Steffen: Modeling the basic cause-effect relationship between supply chain events and performance

·         Isenberg, Marc-André; Scholz-Reiter, Bernd: The multiple batch processing machine problem with stage specific incompatible job families

·         Simão, Luiz Eduardo; Gonçalves, Mirian Buss: A Dynamic Approach to Measure the Effect of Postponement strategy in Performance of Manufacturing and Logistics Process

Joint LDIC & ImViReLL Session II:
Industrial Applications


·         Göpfert, Ingrid; Schulz, Matthias Daniel: Logistics Integrated Product Development in the German Automotive Industry - Current State, Trends and Challenges

·         Schröck, Johannes: Efficient and safe transporting of steel sheets with permanent magnets

·         Köber, Jonathan; Heinecke, Georg: The importance of managing events in a build-to-order supply chain – A case study at a manufacturer of agriculture machinery





LDIC Session 9A: Production Logistics and Job Shop Scheduling I


·         Scholz-Reiter, Bernd; Meinecke, Christian: Towards an integrated production and outbound distribution planning method

·         Uygun, Yilmaz; Straub, Natalia: Supply Chain Integration by Human-centred Alignment of Lean Production Systems


LDIC Session 9B: EPCglobal Architecture Improvements


·         Nam, Taewoo: Queuing Buffer Method for Enhancing Reliability of Capturing Application

·         Jeon, Seungwoo; Hong, Bonghee; Kwon, Joonho: Design and Implementation of Pedigree System to Guarantee Reliable Pedigree Information in RFID application

ImViReLL Session 8: Test-beds and Demonstrators I


·         Tenerowicz-Wirth, Peter; Günthner, Willibald A.: Agent-based Emulation of an Electric Overhead Monorail System Pilot Plant 

·         Palafox-Albarran, Javier; Dannies, Alexander; Krishna Sanjeeva, Bala; Lang, Walter; Jedermann, Reiner: Combining Machine-to-Machine Communications with Intelligent Objects in Logistics





LDIC Session 10A: Production Logistics and Job Shop Scheduling II


·         Isenberg, Marc-André; Scholz-Reiter, Bernd: Scheduling multiple batch processing machines with stage specific incompatible job families

·         Becker, Till; Meyer, Mirja; Beber, Moritz Emanuel; Windt, Katja; Hütt, Marc-Thorsten: A comparison of network characteristics in metabolic and manufacturing systems


LDIC Session 10B: Collaboration in Logistics


·         Scholz-Reiter, Bernd; Tan, Yi; El-Berishy, Nagham; Santos Junior, Jose Benedito Silva: Event Management for Uncertainties in Collaborative Production Scheduling and Transportation Planning: A Review

·         Zuñiga, Raul; Seifert, Marcus; Thoben, Klaus-Dieter: Study on the application of DCOR and SCOR models for the sourcing process in the mineral raw material industry supply chain


ImViReLL Session 9: Test-beds and Demonstrators II


·         Richter, Klaus; Poenicke, Olaf: Developing future Logistics Applications with the Saxony-Anhalt Galileo Test Bed

·         Ganji, Farideh; Veigt, Marius; Scholz-Reiter, Bernd: Prototyping in Research Domains: A Prototype for Autonomous Production Logistics


End of Conference